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Therapeutic dentistry

Therapeutic dentistry in Almaty has made a huge step forward in the field of treatment of teeth and diseases of the oral cavity and is not inferior to the western level in the qualifications of dentists and the availability of cutting-edge materials.

Modern therapeutic dentistry has perfected the methods of pain relief, and the technique has become fast and accurate. Dental treatment in IMATEK DENT Clinic will bring you only positive emotions, because we have at our disposal the latest technology, qualified personnel, the best medicines.

Dental care without pain is the main principle of our work!

Therapeutic dentistry in our clinic includes the full scope of modern therapeutic care:

Dental canal treatment or endodontics

In a professional language, the treatment of dental canals is called endodontics, a section in dentistry that requires a specialist to have high skill, deep knowledge and patience.

Without exaggeration, endodontic practice can be called one of the most difficult areas in modern dentistry. It is not surprising that today endodontics is one of the most dynamically developing areas of dentistry.

Poor treatment and root canal filling leads to inflammation not only of the tooth itself, but also of the surrounding bone tissue. Often, such complications lead to tooth loss. It follows that the competent treatment of root canals is the foundation for the further restoration of the function and aesthetics of the tooth.

In IMATEK DENT clinic, root canal treatment is carried out by endodontists who have undergone in-depth training and own the most modern skills and technologies in this field.
An important factor in the treatment of canals is the availability of modern and high-tech endodontic equipment, which the clinic has. It helps our specialists achieve predictable and long-term results.

Only a high-quality cured, prepared tooth can, like the foundation of a house, become a support for bridge structures, crowns and other orthopedic restorations for many years.

Equipment and tools for the treatment of dental canals that are used in our clinic:

  1. Endodontic ultrasonic nozzles for the extraction of fragments of instruments and the successful sealing of channels.
  2. Nickel-titanium manual and machine files from leading manufacturers, eliminating chips and creating optimal channel taper for successful filling.
  3. Dentaport system with endodontic tip and J-Morrita apex locator.

Dentaport System is a novelty among the well-established systems for the company’s endodontic treatment. It is represented by a special low-speed endodontic tip with a built-in apex locator. When using the Dentaport system, the risk of errors during the mechanical processing of root canals is significantly reduced. Using an apex locator, the doctor can visually monitor the progress of the file in the channel.

The LCD displays the distance to the apex of the root, which prevents the removal of the instrument into the periapical tissue. When approaching the top, the rotation speed automatically decreases, and when a predetermined depth is reached, the file stops and starts to rotate in the opposite direction to facilitate removal of the instrument from the canal.

When using the Dentaport system, the risk of errors during the mechanical processing of root canals is significantly reduced. When using the Dentaport system, the amount of time required for endodontic treatment is significantly reduced, which is important not only and not so much for the dentist, but for the patient.

Icon caries treatment


Revolutionary solution: Icon – the first caries infiltration material in the world! Icon offers a new approach to counteracting early caries without damaging healthy hard tissues in just one visit, simply and without drilling or anesthesia. Intelligent principle: with the help of capillary forces, the “nfiltrant”, a highly fluid resin, penetrates the caries of enamel and blocks the diffusion paths of cariogenic acids, which stops the early development of caries in hard-to-reach proximal regions and on smooth surfaces. No drilling. Icon bridges the gap between preventative therapy and restoration.


Microinvasive-non-penetrating treatment of caries in the early stages of carious tooth damage (D1*) on the proximal surfaces and protective enamel on the vestibular surfaces (example: stage of a white spot after removal of the bracket systems).

Advantages of ICON:

  • Caries can be stopped in the early stages;
  • Healthy tooth tissue is maximally preserved;
  • After treatment, the surface looks like a healthy enamel;
  • Procedure is painless, without anesthesia, without preparation;
  • Successful treatment achieved in one visit;
  • To date, there have been only two treatments for early caries. Today, with the help of Icon, it is possible to treat initial caries developing to a depth of up to one third of the dentin layer (D1) according to the program – without preparation!

Vector gum disease treatment and prevention

The days when gum treatment was very painful, and it looked just frightening, are still fresh in the memory of frightened patients. Fortunately, with the advent of the modern hygienist, the periodontal apparatus Vector, all these horrors, with frightening instruments and syringes filled with lincomycin, have remained in the past and are forever forgotten.

Thanks to excellent results, quality and reduced treatment time, the VECTOR device has become popular all over the world in a short period of time.

Ailments of periodontal (peridental tissue), which can be fixed with Vector device

  • Periodontal disease;
  • Periodontitis;
  • Bleeding;
  • Teeth roots uncovering;
  • Minor bone loss;
  • Bad breath;
  • Prevention after periodontal treatment;
  • Prevention of gum disease after prosthetics on implants;
  • Prevention of gum disease with large volumes of prosthetics (porcelain fused metals, snap attachment denture systems, etc.).
  • Unique technology combines the capabilities of ultrasonic energy with the action of a special drug suspension.

Along with the removal of subgingival deposits by ultrasound, all tooth surfaces are polished with special Vector Fluid Polish suspensions containing hydroxyapatite particles. This suspension also carries the functions of an osteotropic drug (i.e., it stimulates bone tissue to regenerate and grow).

  • Lack of a traumatic factor.

Unlike other ultrasound devices used in dentistry, where lateral vibrations occur during operation, Vector system performs reciprocating oscillatory movements of the ring to which the working nozzle is attached, which is non-invasive with respect to hard tooth tissues and periodontal.

  • Shortening the healing period.

The healing period after treatment with the VECTOR device due to the absence of mechanical tissue damage passes quickly, without swelling and pain.

The mechanism of action of ultrasound contains three main properties:

  • mechanical (alternating phases of compression and radiolucency),
  • thermal (temperature increase),
  • physical and chemical (intensification of diffusion and permeability processes), which can be used both collectively and separately.

The treatment of gum diseases with the Vector device is the basis for the treatment and prevention of periodontal diseases in Imatek Dent Dental Clinic.

Plasmolifting is a new technique in dentistry for the treatment of gum disease.