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Dental laboratory / cad-cam technologies

The possibilities of our dental, digital laboratory are incredibly huge. Complete equipment allows you to create unique works: starting from the simplest and ending with technically sophisticated artistically aesthetic and reliable works. We use all types of modern materials: zirconium (Zirkonzahn), E.max- pressable ceramics (Ivoclar, Liechtenstein) and many other European manufacturers to create non-metal all porcelain crowns, veneers, inlays, lumineers, as well as temporary restorations.

The laboratory has its own foundry, a foundry furnace and a muffle furnace for the production of metal frames on implants, the production of individual abutments for creating bugel prosthesis of any complexity, presented in the catalogs of world brands (Bredent). Computer furnaces of Ivoclar models are available for sintering and press-to technology (production of veneers by pressing). There is also a digital method for creating veneers on CadCam by wet grinding method. The laboratory individualizes each work, using cutting-edge technology and the artistry of the technician.

Our clinic was the first to apply cad-cam technology in Almaty
  • Using this equipment, our specialists scan the jaw area;
  • Transfer data to a computer, on the basis of which, in a special program, three-dimensional (3D) models of crowns, prostheses and bridges are created and modeled.
  • Data is transferred from a computer to a milling machine, which grinds it out with great accuracy, mills the future prosthesis in the desired shape from zirconium dioxide.
  • Then the product is sintered in an oven at a temperature of 1500 °C. As a result, zirconia acquires the final hardness and wear resistance.
  • The resources of this unit are fantastic. It is very important to note that the milling machine grinds the structure in five planes, so now it is possible to produce abutments (an intermediate link between a dental implant and a dental crown), beam structures for more complex prostheses, veneers, inlays, etc., with great accuracy within shorter time. In the recent past, we could not even dream about such technologies in dentistry.
Zirkonzahn technology

One of the technologies for the production of zirconium crown frames, which significantly reduces the order processing time, while maintaining the high quality of the product, is Zirkonzahn technology. This technology allows producing veneers, bridges, crowns, inlays, prostheses on all types of implant systems, attachment systems and telescopic crowns. The construction is manufactured by high-precision milling without additional application of ceramic cladding or with a minimum coating of the ceramic mass. When working with this technology, the problem of chips of ceramic cladding, which many experts who have actively used ordinary zirconium dioxide in their clinical practice, has been completely resolved.

The new production technology is really logical and convenient. First, wax teeth set-up on the anatomical artificial teeth is made in our own laboratory, and “bite” and aesthetics are checked in the clinic during try-in. Then, in the laboratory, this set-up is duplicated with plastic. Such a “bridge” prosthesis made of plastic can be measured again in the oral cavity before making a zirconium copy. If necessary, this temporary bridge can be adjusted by bite and the patient can use it for a week in order to verify the aesthetic aspects.

This particular moment that qualitatively distinguishes the Zirkonzahn system from computer scanning systems, which do not make it possible to try on a denture frame in the oral cavity. At the next laboratory stage, a copy made of zirconia dioxide is made. The zirconium dental blank of the future bridge is painted with special dyes. This is followed by high-temperature annealing for many hours, after which the dental blank decreases by the required percentage and acquires the remarkable properties of zirconium dioxide. Then a ceramic mass is applied to the surface.

Modern dental crowns completely imitate a natural tooth. Zirconia dioxide crowns are made on special equipment with even greater computer accuracy. An artificial crown will perfectly match your bite and dentition, and, of course, the color of all other teeth. Modern dental crowns are very reliable, durable and aesthetic.


Until recently, the production of certain orthopedic constructions could not do without the use of dental alloys. The appearens of the ZirkonZahn system removes all barriers. With its help, it is possible to make from zirconium dioxide an individual abutment, hexagon, bugel prosthesis denture frame, no less elegant than metal with equal success, or a construction supported by implants, both with occlusal and lateral mounts of any length.

We are proud that in our clinic Cad-Cam technology is operated and applied – one of the most advanced dental technologies in the world today. A group of specialists trained in Cad-Cam technology in Italy is waiting for you at the “IMATEK-DENT” dental clinic.

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