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Surgical dentistry

Surgical Dentistry – In the practice of the “Imatek Dent” clinic, teeth are removed only when therapeutic methods of treatment do not save the tooth: if the tooth constantly injures the mucous membrane of the cheek or there is a risk of various inflammations if the tooth is not correctly located in the dentition.

In our clinic, the tooth extraction procedure is resorted to only in extreme cases, when it is not possible to save the tooth. In cases where the removal is nevertheless carried out, the most modern and effective painkillers and a complex of rehabilitation treatment are used.

The ability of a dentist to provide effective anesthetization for the entire spectrum of interventions is an absolutely necessary condition for high-quality dental treatment.

Focusing on the maximum convenience of the patient, in the “Imatek Dent” clinic we created all the conditions for this procedure to take place without physical and psychological discomfort. In our clinic we use the most modern methods of anesthesia, taking into account all the contraindications of each patient. Proper preanesthetic medication and mastery of modern anesthesia techniques can eliminate unpleasant moments associated with both fear of an injection and during the intervention.

In our clinic you can use such surgical services in the field of dentistry as:

  • Simple and complex tooth extractions;
  • Removal of an impacted wisdom tooth;
  • Surgical curettage;
  • Implementation of implants on modern equipment, under the control of 3D technology;
  • Gingivoplasty in the field of implant;
  • “Lateral sinus approach” operation;
  • “Indirect sinus elevation” operation;
  • Gingivoplasty;
  • Clipping tied tongue (lips);
  • Cystotomy (removal of neoplasm);
  • Excision of the tooth hood;
  • Removal of exostosis and stylosteophytes with dissection of the mucous membrane;
  • Repair of perforation;
  • Osteoplasty of the alveolar bone.

The doctors of our clinic feel at ease in various methods of reconstructive surgery. Thanks to modern equipment and anesthesia, all surgical procedures are painless and absolutely safe. During the examination and treatment, modern equipment, 3D diagnostics and the latest materials are used. Thanks to the latest achievements, we can offer the most modern treatment! Despite the rapid level of technology development, the most important element of quality treatment is doctors. The “IMATEK-DENT” dental clinic employs top-level specialists who are able to perform the most complex operations.